Sloan Curtis Automotive Group presents “The Vault”. A high-end vehicle storage service that provides peace of mind, with our 24-hour manager on-site, surveillance cameras throughout the facility, and easy access to your prized automobiles.

Our facility is specifically set up for car storage and its functions. Security is constantly monitored and critical to the environment we provide for the automobiles in our care. “The Vault” is the perfect home for your important automobiles. The perfect storehouse for enthusiasts to store their prized auto assets. We provide entire menu of mechanical, detailing, and maintenance services, as well as, pickup and delivery by our company flatbed. “The Vault” is a one-of-a-kind vehicle storage care in the Central Florida area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours of operation?
Do you have insurance?
What security is in place at “The Vault”?
Is the “The Vault” climate controlled?
What is the minimum storage period you offer?
Do you provide auto transport services?
What should I do to prepare my vehicle for storage?
What type of vehicles does “The Vault” store?
How do I access my vehicle from “The Vault”?
Does “The Vault” arrange a ride home or to the airport?